The One About Rogue One

Yet another Rook mistake...

Growing up, Star Wars was my thing. Had the action figures and  basically played pretend for years. Cut the head off of a blue mop handle and a green broom one. Got in trouble and SWORE never to do it again. Then endured the grounding that followed when Mom brought home red handled replacements.

Broken fingers. Bloody knuckles. Lumps to the head. Lightsaber duels were my first secret fight club.

Even made up my own character because Leia wasn’t badass enough – plus there was that slave girl thing. Ugh.

Saw Rogue One and LOVED it. Loved the story. Loved the homage to the 70s. Loved the set dressing. Loved the settings. Loved the characters. Loved that it was dark. But even with all the love, there was just something missing.


Group of evil scientists – all dudes.

Crowds – no chicks

Military /Rebel Base – Mon Mothma

Wait … no.  That’s…

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What Artists Can Learn from the Trump v. Hamilton “Distraction”

The Nerds of Color

by Timothy Yu

Mike Pence went to see Hamilton. He got booed. The actors read a statement from the stage. And our president-elect tweeted a demand that the cast apologize for their “harassment.” Just another day in the dawning Trump Era.

There was plenty to say. Some pointed out the irony of Donald Trump, scourge of political correctness, complaining that the theater should be a “safe place.” Others pointed to the chilling precedent of our incoming president demanding that artists apologize to an elected official. But what most surprised me was seeing some of my friends — many of whom are themselves artists, writers, literary scholars — repeating the argument that the Hamilton controversy was “just a distraction” from Trump’s other problems.

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What Can A Nerd Do (About Trump)?

The Nerds of Color

Okay, we, as Nerds of Color (TM), especially now that a white supremacist nightmare is about to become our president, need to get our collective shit together. In a bigly way.

So I’m gonna — periodically — post some links and actions and ideas (under the heading “What Can A Nerd Do?”) about what a nerd can do, politicalwise, to combat the eeebil is is come upon us. And I will edit-to-add any legit links/ideas left in comments about the topic at hand as well, so jump in mah nurds!

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The Political Is Personal

The Nerds of Color

Since Donald Trump’s presidential election victory last week, there’s been much discussion and preparation in regards to the fates of minorities given the Presidential Elect[?]’s controversial and bigoted platform.

Whether it’s the election, Ferguson, Flint, Orlando, or DAPL, one of the most infuriating things I hear from people, and by people I mean white people, is that there needs to be more dialogue, more education, more love.

If only there were more people out there teaching and educating then tragedies like #Orlando or #Ferguson or #Baltimore wouldn’t be a reality.

Why is that infuriating? Because there are people who have dedicated their lives, doing that very work. In fact you’re reading one of their pieces right now.


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Ghost in the Shell Trailer is Just as Racist as Everything Else This Week

The Nerds of Color

by Dominic Mah | Originally posted on YOMYOMF

Wow, where to start with this trailer. It OPENS on a person in stylized Japanese esoteric garb to tell us how much we’re in that place Japan where things are weird. Who is this person? Don’t know, don’t care at all.

Then we get a pretty faithful live-action recreation of the original Ghost in the Shell’s elegant opening action sequence, pretty much nailing the point home that the only reason you aren’t aware of this seminal science-fiction already is because it didn’t have Scarlett Johannson in it, and now we fixed that for you.

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Media and the Real World

Geeking Out about It

I originally added this little essay as an addendum to  the last Tumblr discussion, but it just kept getting longer the more I thought about it. I’d been thinking of writing something like this for a while , and the Tumblr discussion, and its reception by my readers, spurred me to elaborate on the issue.
I’m a person who is always seeing connections between what others would consider unrelated events, and that’s how my mind works when it comes to people. I see connections between certain types of behaviors and attitudes.

I’m an avid consumer of media. As a Geekgirl, I love media, but I’m not in love with it.  I don’t consume it unquestioningly. I’m perfectly capable of indicting the media I love so much for its bad behavior. Why? Because it can be better. I’m also a Black American Woman, so I can’t really afford to be blind…

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More Tumblr Talks

Geeking Out about It

*This post is going to be long and pretty heavy. Its  about Fandom Racism reproducing  media tropes. The reason why you’ve been hearing so much lately about racism in fandom is because marginalized “others” have become much more vocal about how they wish to be depicted, not just onscreen, but within the fandoms, as well. And what they have been saying is Fandom needs to start  examining why/how it responds to the media it consumes. 
Fandom seems to be undergoing  growing pains as people begin to realize that geekfandom isn’t as welcoming, nor as progressive,  as everyone has been claiming. As I said, in a previous post, this is not an indictment of all fandom. The bigotries on display are simply reiterations of the wider culture, and fandom does not exist in a vacuum.
For example:

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Race on Tumblr

Geeking Out about It

       When watching TV, especially American television, POC are often relegated to being nothing more than a sidekick, an advisor to the usually, Caucasian main character without a semblance of a personal life themselves. So when Michonne was introduced, she was shown as being a tough fighter, a warrior of sorts, and people paid attention to that because it was something they knew and were accustomed to seeing. She held no…

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Tumblr Talks About Media

Geeking Out about It

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Preach on, Preacher


Creatyvebooks, Discussion Post, YA Fantasy,Before I go on my rant, I need to people to know these are my opinions. I’m in no way trying to bash authors for what they do. I’m just frustrated at the way fantasy is marketed in YA.

As most of you know, I’m not really into romance. I know “What a way to beat a dead horse”. I promise you there is a reason why I’m bring this up again. It will all be explained in this post. Just give me a minute to get my thoughts straight.

Alright, I should start off by saying that I had the privilege of reading some 2016 YA fantasy books that aren’t out yet and that I’m fucking lucky that I had the chance to do. Also, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart as a reader and a book blogger. With that being said, I was sorely…

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