Who Killed the World

Geeking Out about It

I am swiftly becoming Arthur Chu’s biggest fangirl.

I was going to write my little post about the redemption of Nux, in Mad Max Fury Road, but it turns out I don’t need to. Arthur Chu, says it all so much more eloquently than I ever could:


05.20.15 5:15 AM ET

‘Mad Max’: How Men’s Rights Activists Killed the World

Men’s rights activists who think Mad Max: Fury Road is feminist propaganda are missing the point entirely. The franchise is all about ‘macho’ men destroying civilization.

I admit it—the main reason I bought an opening weekend ticket for Mad Max: Fury Roadwas to, specifically, piss off the various men’s-rights advocates angrily telling me that, as a man, I should boycott it for being feminist propaganda. Continuing my life’s goal of doing pretty much the opposite of whatever the defenders of manliness tell men to do, I…

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