Mother of Teenaged Boy is Disheartened to Discovered That He Is No Longer Threatened by “It”

Kelli Gunn

After enjoying more than a decade of lackadaisical parenting, a local mother of a fourteen-year-old boy claims her son no longer flinches when told he must behave or he will get “it.” The mother confides that, in the past, she relied heavily on “it” as a substitute for alternative parenting methods like giving time-outs or creating complicated chore charts. “It,” she claims, has given her loads of free time that she would have otherwise had to spend disciplining her child. Instead, she’s enjoyed multiple hours on Facebook, taking selfies, and watching Dr. Phil. She realizes now that she took for granted all times she sat talking and laughing with her friends while her young son gazed longingly at windows he wanted to throw balls through, but refrained out of a reverential and healthy fear of “it.”

Things changed for the worse last week, the mother claims, when her son precociously…

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