Summer Movies 2016

Geeking Out about It

These are the movies I will probably be talking about this coming Summer. Some of these I’m very excited about but some are just…meh.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice:

I’m having mixed feelings about this, mostly because I intensely dislike Ben Affleck. The man simply cannot act. I’m also still mad at him for Daredevil. I love Cavill but this trailer makes me not want to see this move and I’m thoroughly unimpressed by Wonder Woman. I know I should like her but the actress playing her just doesn’t have that larger than life gravity I expect Wonder woman to project.

Well, maybe the movie won’t be so bad but I’m not enthused.

Captain America: Civil War:

Contrast that with my complete and utter meltdown for this movie. Its got all my favorite characters and they’re all beating each other up! This is how you do a trailer.


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