The tv series, Killjoys: space pirate bounty hunters!

This is the third time Killjoys have popped onto my stream. I guess its time to DVR it.

Thinking Too Much

Spoilers for the ongoing tv series Killjoys follow —

Spoilers! Spoilers ahoy!


I’ve been watching the new SyFy series Killjoys. I keep talking about it on Twitter, where I describe it as a Firefly-inspired Shadowrun-lite RPG by someone who LOVED the old tv show Dark Angel. If that sounds good to you, go ye forth and watch it immediately. (I am watching it on Amazon streaming, where I bought the season.)

Things I like:

— The lead, Dutch. Dutch is played by actress Hannah John-Kamen. Dutch is a certified badass with a mysterious and painful backstory which provides one of the ongoing plots. If you liked Max on Dark Angel, you will like Dutch.

— The showrunner, Michelle Lovretta, was also the creator of Lost Girl, everyone’s favorite urban fantasy about a bisexual polyamorous succubus detective and her friends. If you like…

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