July 15, 2015

System Streak Day      17   . Rating: Good    

Morning System:
I woke at 5:00 I actually woke at 4:30. Before the alarm went off. Third day in a row.  I woke to a dream about houses and ghosts and family. It seemed much more original when I was dreaming it.

Dressed in under 30 minutes.  My hair talked the longest int he morning.  I am tempted to cut it off. I loved having short hair whenever I cut my relaxed hair to go natural.

Work systems
Email: check
Calendar: check
Stayed focused all day: check

Home system:
I cleaned for 10 minutes
Anthony homework: Check  

Health systems:
straight to the gym from work:  Check         
one helping of food:      Did not do so good on this front
below calories:     check          


I did some story boarding at lunch. Got home and did more marketing. One more week of marketing and then its time to go balls deep in writing again.  I am beginning to halfway like creating pics.


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