July 3, 2015

System Streek Day 5. Rating: Good
Morning System:
I woke at 5:00 and headed straight to a coffee shop to work!

Dressed in under 30 minutes

Work systems
Email: check
Calendar: check
Stayed focused all day: check

Home system:
I cleaned for 10 minutes
Anthony homework:–He’s gone

Health systems:
straight to the gym from work: Check
one helping of food: check
below calories: Fail, Not by much. Went out with some friends to see DOPE. It was great, btw. I ordered popcorn with no butter. I tried to get diet soda, but the hubs wasn’t having any of that because we had to share.


I’m still working on my automation campaign. I think it’s coming around nicely. Hopefully today I’ll have everything completed and I can start writing/brainstorming ads.

side note: The coffee shop I worked at yesterday was filled with creative business owners, hippies, z generation folks, whatever you want to call it. They all knew each other. It was very interesting.


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