July 2, 2015

System Streak Day 4. Score: awesome

Morning System:

I woke at 5:00 and sent out my first newsletter!

Dressed in under 30 minutes: check

Work systems

Email: check

Calendar check

Stayed focused all day: kinda

Home system:

I cleaned for 10 minutes: check

Anthony homework:

Health systems:

straight to the gym from work: check. i did not want to go. but followed through and loved it. it was empty and i got to lift.

one helping of food: i cooked instead of the hubby. delicious. but i stuck to one serving.

below calories: check

no work tomorrow. it’ll be a challenge to stick with the system but i dont want to break the streak.

Overall it was a great day. All systems are in place (more on what they are later).


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