I have never posted to this site before, but I’ve decided I needed a separate space from my new blog ( to just talking about writing and balance.

I have Lots of books to write. But none these books will  be written if I don’t get better at managing my time and energy. I say energy because sometimes it’s not about the time, it’s about the energy, mentally and physically, available for the job. Systems help. Good systems require no brain power. So your energy can be used for the big items. I don’t have good systems.  I am constantly running behind, being distracted, not acting because I’m scared, and procrastinating.

To help me focus on developing systems,  I’ll be posting a few boring posts over the next few months, discussing  what’s working and what isn’t.

I am having a hard time juggling working, writing, being healthy, finances, and mothering. No, I can’t have it all. But if I focus on the right things, I can find a nice balance every now and then.

-live your dreams


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