My Thoughts on Dope

I can’t wait to see this movie!

“Masculinity and Blackness are fluid cultural identities and the ability to find the correct balance between them is hard, and constant work that is emblematized in how Malcolm negotiates the absolutely wild adventures he and his friends are forced to endure. He is vulnerable, quirky, loyal, brilliant, cocky, scared, and joyful and it is beautiful to behold. In recent memory, I’m hard-pressed to think of a film that painted a young Black man with such complexity and likeability.”

The Nerds of Color

[I wanted to write this reflection the weekend of its release. I decided that I needed a little more time because the film hit home in too many ways and I needed some space from it to get a better handle on how I wanted to approach it. This will not be a typical review, nor will it be an endorsement — despite my endorsing the film whole-heartedly. I have no idea what this is, but I needed to get it out.]

Hip-hop is fandom. While it may not be explicitly geek/nerd culture, it is fandom of the highest order. If anyone chooses to refute this, they aren’t being intellectually or culturally honest. Never has this connection been so blatantly displayed than in Rick Famuyiwa’s 2015 gem of a film, Dope. [I have a lot more to say about this. Watch this space in the next month…

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