June 30, 2015

Morning System:

I woke at 4:30 when the hubbies alarm went off. I was excited about my new website, I went to bed at nine the night before, and I didn’t want to report that I slept late. Also, I paid out the ass for a Facebook ads class and a new f’n website, so I can’t be messing around. Forget the cost of the books, it would be nice if I could just make back enough money this year to cover the price of the Facebook ads class and the website.

Work systems:

I made it to work on time, reviewed the previous day’s work, and cleared my email for 10 minutes.

Home system:

I clean for 10 minutes, took a shower, but I forgot to check Anthony homework. I got to work on that tomorrow.

Health systems: I went to the gym after work.

Counted my calories and stayed below my calorie limits. This makes two days in a row. I feel so much less bloated.

Writing: I hit pre-order on Black Beauty. Which makes me feel good. I still have some editing to do but I don’t see it being too much.

Overall it was a great day. All systems iare in place (more on what they are later).

What I need to work on: Because I’ve eaten well for two days in a row, I know tomorrow I’ll be starving so I have to make sure I have healthy snacks on hand up.


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