Let’s Get Visual!

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Ingrid's Notes

EyeI’m a graphic designer in my day job, and I have a background in art and illustration. It’s natural for me to think visually. In fact, I think visually before I think in words. This might seem odd for a writer, but in many ways it’s an asset.

One of the great things about writing is that you are painting with words. You are doing your best to build images in your readers minds. As readers we build character and world with an author. Before the movies ever came out, we co-created our own visions of what Middle Earth looked like, or Hogwarts. This interchange is an intimate and beautiful experience, and one of the great joys of reading.

So how do we paint those images for our readers?

Of course this has to do with language. Words. Which ones do we pick and how do we use them. But I want…

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