Random Thoughts


1. These two, and this shot in particular, bring the serious joy.


2. The other day, someone at work called me “Queen Bee”

3. The other night while I was walking home, freezing my ass off and mumbling to myself about how fucking cold my ears were, I happened to look up at the sky and guess what? I can see the stars from my front yard. And it is all kinds of awesome.

4. Here’s the dedication of Book III: THE PROPHECY…no explanation needed and after suffering through raising my ass, it’s the least I could do. I can never repay them but hopefully small love notes like this bring them the joy.


5. This gem evolved from a night of hanging with the girls this weekend, indulging in all kinds of shenanigans, belly laughs, and vast amounts of bourbon, because we’re fucking awesome like that


6. The teasers…

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